The last two days of game time before going on vacation we spent fueling up my citadel and storing everyone, and as much of everything as I could, in safe spots in case a nasty happened while I was away.

Because of that I have no financials to report or activities to discuss.

While away, news came out of those bloody Quantum Cores came out. That is going to significantly impact my one-man corp life and affordability of living in J-Space.

Quantum Cores

I still have time before I need to have these things put in to my Citadel, however, the price for my current Raitaru’s core is 800,000,000 isk. And when a Citadel pops, it is guaranteed to drop the core. This makes me a massive target and I have neither the isk, nor the manpower, to defend myself with a target like that on my structure.

Maybe I am overthinking it, maybe not. Maybe I am unnecessarily scared and, being in J-Space, the logistics of tackling a fueled Citadel is not worth it. But for an 800+ million isk payout, I’m not so sure. Currently, the core costs more than the Citadel itself. Not cool CCP!

I do understand what they’re doing and why. Making these things that much more expensive to set up, and that much of a target, will definitely reduce the structure spam in K-Space. It just makes it unfeasible for me, on my own, in my lonely little J-Space system.

Next Steps

Back from my vacation I am now packing everything up. I will scan a good route to K-Space, or rather a route to a good K-Space system, and move out of J-Space. I will leave a scout and a transport in my system because unanchoring the Citadel is going to take 7 days and that’s half a billion isk I don’t want to loose. Although it may very well get popped.

This is not the end of my J-Space journey, not by a very long shot. There will be a break in this diary for a while. I need to regroup, gather my thoughts and decide what I want to do next. I neither want to join a WH corp, nor start one. I may day trip, I may roam, I don’t know.

In J-Space, with great risk comes great reward. The risks are now just becoming outside of my comfort zone.

The J-Space blog isn’t going anywhere. I will start a new diary as soon as my plans are made. I’m writing this post in September and still have a lot of traveling to do, but my hope is that by the time this post is published, I have a plan and am putting it into place.

In the meantime, if anyone moves into J-113456, treat her well. She’s a wonderful little system who looks after her inhabitants.

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