Day 22 – Business as Usual

Today the plan was all about gas and finding a trade hub.

I tackled some more gas and explored a few chains but there were no good routes to K-Space. One showed up in a Trig invasion and another showed up in the middle of nowhere. So no trade today. I have two days left before leaving on vacation so I really do need to find one.

It was a wonderful surprise to discover an ore site in my home system so I did a bit of gas huffing and later some ore mining. As with the gas, I am stockpiling some ore as well because I will need it when it comes time for reactions.

I closed holes and rolled my static before doing the ore mining because while huffing gas, thinking I was alone and secure, there were all of a sudden scanner probes on d-scan. That just goes to show you are never safe in J-Space and you are never truly alone.

Planetary Production

Excess P1727,000
Excess P21,570,000
Day 22 Planetary Production


I still have a Token, or maybe a Barren, gas site I haven’t used yet. There is only about 9,000,000 isk in gas there so it’s not a high priority for me. I mention this in the ratting section because I have activated the site, I just forgot to go back and get the rats.

I did, however, activate and remove the rats from my ore site bringing in 2,000,000 isk in blue loot.


I spent a little bit of time in the Vast gas site. I was torn between gas and ore. Both are boring. Gas brings in more isk. I need to stockpile ore too.

So I got a bit of gas and after splitting the stockpile earned 12,700,000 isk of Fullerite.

Ore Mining

I spent some time in the ore belt. I am after the three rare ores as, when processed, give the minerals I will need for reactions. That and when you compress it, sells for a pretty penny and is easy to transport.

After splitting the stockpile I have 11,660,000 isk of compressed ores to take to market.

Spare System

I popped into the spare/parked system this morning just to see what is happening in there. It, of course, had a connection 4 jumps from Perimeter which helps me not at all!

There are still a lot of gas sites in there and very many ore sites. I activated the gas but not the ore. There was a kill in there a few days ago of a mining barge who must have been a tourist.

There were two people doing a trade run from a K162 but still no structures and very little activity.


Balance Brought Forward0-944,304,200
Planetary Production23,797,00011,182,400
Ore Mining11,660,000
Day 22 Financials

Today that gives me a profit of 38,974,600 isk with a closing balance of -905,329,600 isk.

Parting Thoughts

I could have earned a bit more isk today than I did, and to be fair, I should have.

I spent a lot of time looking for a trade route, time I could have spent either huffing or mining. I’ve started using Pathfinder when going on expeditions like this, and the map it generated was just a mess of spaghetti. But here is one from later in the day once I learned you can drag systems around:

Exploration Systems

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