Day 21 – Sleepers

I was a lot more productive today on the isk making front. No new signatures when I logged on, although later in the morning I did get yet another gas site, a Token Reservoir. There is not a lot of isk to be gained from there, so I left it at the bottom of the priority list.

I found a route to K-Space but it came up one jump from Amarr. When that happens, I tend to just offload a bit of PI to keep me going. I sold sleeper loot as well so in total fattened up my coffers by 155,278,000 isk. That should keep me going for a little while.

I completely forgot to buy fuel blocks but am good for another week still.

I did some ratting too which was rather lucrative and started on the Vast Reservoir.

Planetary Production

While in Amarr I had a look for the command posts I need but they were either three times the price or too many jumps away. So, while I didn’t forget them, I still don’t have them.

Excess P1118,000
Excess P24,640,000
Day 21 Planetary Production


I cleaned out the Barren Reservoir quickly and began on the Vast Reservoir. As I mentioned yesterday I would need to tank a little over 400 dps. I can do that no problem, but in that particular site the Sleepers neut and I am an active tank. So that was what made me nervous.

There were 4 neuting cruisers and 4 regular ones so the plan was get in and take care of the neuters first.

I took two of them out and was then cap zero so had to limp back to recharge my cap. Tanking was fine though and was only down to half shields before warping out.

When I returned I was then quickly able to dispatch the last two neuters and then the remaining four cruisers went down quickly.

The two sites brought me in a very tidy 25,200,000 isk in blue loot.


I first took care of the clouds in the Barren Reservoir because that was quick, and easy, to clear out.

I cleared out the one cloud in the Vast Reservoir as there were only 1,000 units of gas in it and then started on the 5,000 unit cloud. 5,000 units doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re only huffing 16 units at a time on one toon, and 8 on another, it takes time.

I still have two downtimes to go before that site despawns so I’m not in a major hurry. It is weekend now though so maybe I should have huffed a but more before calling it a day.

Anyway, I made 20,710,000 isk from huffing today.


Balance Brought Forward0-1,003,982,600
Planetary Production24,358,00010,589,600
Day 21 Financials

That gives me a profit today of 59,578,400 isk which I cannot complain about! The closing balance in now -944,304,200 isk

Parting Thoughts

I don’t have much to say in closing today. I need to keep the isk earning up and today that was only possible thanks to the Vast Reservoir. There should still be about 50 million isk there for me to huff which I will do as far as I can tomorrow morning.

Before logging off there were four connections in and out of my system. I neither wanted to roll them, nor huff while the system was open like that.

I have made a dent in my debt and my cash reserves were replenished today thanks to Amarr. I have a lot of gas to offload, even with my stockpile increasing) and some more PI. Maybe tomorrow I will have a better connection to K-Space. If not, and if time allowed, I’ll go exploring and try to find one.

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