Day 20 – Gas for Days

I logged on this morning two find 5 new signatures. Three wormholes and not one, but TWO gas sites! A Minor as well as a Vast reservoir. I couldn’t believe my luck because that’s close to 100 million isk in gas!

Doing my morning scan I made sure to activate both gas sites. Don’t want any tourists helping themselves to my gas.

I ratted and huffed the one site and planned to return and start on the Vast Reservoir after downtime.

I’m going to take about 30% of the gas I huff and keep it aside from now on as a stockpile. So when I do the financials, if there is gas involved keep in mind I am only counting about 60% of anything huffed.

Planetary Production

It was up compared to yesterday fortunately, but there is still room for growth. I need to remember when I make it to a trade hub to buy two more command posts so I can bring my P2 production up further. That should net me an extra few million in addition P3 each day.

I made a mistake that cost me over 700k in transfer fees by sending items to the wrong launchpad again. Fortunately I noticed it and was able to correct it, and hopefully the extra fees were enough to teach me a lesson.

Excess P1778,000
Excess P23,400,000
Day 20 Planetary Production


The minor reservoir was quick and easy to clear out and brought in 2,000,000 isk in loot.

The Vast Reservoir, however, will push the limits of my fit with me having to tank just over 400 dps.


The Minor Reservoir brought in a tidy 6,470,000 isk of gas. Remember that is around 60% of what was huffed. My stockpile is getting quite comfortable now too with various different types of gas.


Balance Brought Forward0-1,025,187,400
Planetary Production24,778,000-12,043,200
Day 20 Financials

That’s a profit today of 21,204,800 isk bringing my closing balance to -1,003,982,600 isk.

Parting Thoughts

I had every intention of returning after downtime to get started on the Vast Reservoir but unfortunately something else came up.

I did get online long enough to discover yet another gas site, this time a Barren Reservoir. So that gives me two gas sites to do tomorrow and hopefully I can tank the one enough to not have to rely in ninja huffing.

For good measure I activated both gas sites before logging of, just to prevent overzealous tourists.

That really was not at all how I planned today to end, but sometimes, these things happen.

On the agenda for tomorrow is rolling and closing all holes, cleaning out both gas sites and then finding a trade hub. I need to offload some stock, buy some command posts and buy some fuel so I can make sure I have enough for while I am away next week.

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