Day 19 – Quiet Day

I don’t have much to say for today. I did my dailies and then had to call it a day because, again, real life had an impact on my play time.

While readjusting my planetary production (I’ve reshuffled extractors again in the hope of increasing P2 production and the item that is lacking), I happened to refresh Anoikis and saw there had been a killing.

I have no idea where it took place (static or a K162-Dangerous), but someone was killed by three other someones. And the three other someones where by the same people who had used my system as a highway the other day.

Given how many of them were around the other day, I didn’t go exploring at all today. I’m low on cash and can’t afford to lose any ships just yet.

Planetary Production

My P3 items were very low today. I don’t think I’ve seen so few. That was the reason for an extractor shuffle. I need to maximise this production as best as I can. I know I am making double one P2 item compared to the other which, while giving me excess P2, limits the number of P3 items I get.

When I get a trade connection I will see about expanding my operations a bit more.

Excess P1290,000
Excess P24,600,000
Day 19 Planetary Production


Okay I’m adding an expense of 31,700,000 isk to the day’s financials. I have decided to stockpile some of the gas I’ve collected lately and instead of adding it as double income at a later stage, I will deduct it from my earnings now already.

I’ve separated less than half of my stockpile, especially after such a good huffing day yesterday, so I can still increase my cash balance, but not have to start again completely from scratch when I start the reactions.

Balance Brought Forward0-1,002,929,800
Planetary Production19,090,000-9,647,600
Gas Deduction-31,700,000
Day 19 Financials

I was hoping to break the -1 billion isk mark today but that was not meant to be. My new closing balance is now -1,025,187,400 isk.

Parting Thoughts

I have a character queued up to train HACs when I can get the skillbooks but to be fair, that is not entirely accurate. The ‘toon can already fly HACs, and very well at that. A more accurate explanation is I want to train the Precursor HACs.

They are ridiculously expensive so that training is nothing more than a ‘nice to have’. I have a fit ready to go for a Vagabond and very much look forward to giving it a try one day. First though is a HIC, then a HAC but before all of that I need to replace my Athanor.

I haven’t popped into my “parked” system today. I’ll have a look around there tomorrow and see if anyone has moved in yet.

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