Day 18 – Peace at Last

This was the least eventful day I’ve had in a little while and it was a lovely change of pace.

I started the day with only one additional hole in the system, a K162 to a C2. I poked my head inside to have a look and just saw a few signatures. They have a highsec static but it was end-of-life so I didn’t bother seeing where it came out.

Instead, I went home and closed the hole with my rolling battleships.

I did my usual planetary production and finished off the gas site that I didn’t get to yesterday.

I poked around the neighbours through my new static. Eventually I found a C5 with a core site after activating the rest of their signatures.

Waiting out the polarisation timer while closing a K162

Planetary Production

Excess P1973,000 isk
Excess P24,660,000 isk
P321,300,000 isk
Costs10,201,600 isk
Total16,731,400 isk
Day 18 Planetary Production

Since those small adjustments I made a little while ago my excess P2 seems to have increased compared to the P1. That’s excellent because I get more isk that way. My extractors are on two day cycles and I definitely get more at the end of day one compared to day two.


I got another 6,080,000 isk from my local gas site before exhausting the clouds. I was going to leave it at that, but the Core site not far away changed my mind. I haven’t rolled any of those holes either because I will go back after downtime and get some more.

Fullerite-C540 is going for 20k more per unit than Fullerite-C320. I’m just not sure about the extraction rate as to which is more lucrative.


The Fullerite-C540 I got worked out at roughly 6,016 isk/m3. When I went back I extracted Fullerite-C320 which came in at 7,801 isk/m3. So, science says Fullerite-C320 is still the way to go from now on.

I extract at a fixed m3 rate per cycle so price per unit is actually irrelevant for this sort of science.

The sheet I’m working off to determine which gas to huff is quite out of date so I need to rework all my figures and run off my own table. Once I’ve done that, maybe I’ll put the table up here on J-Space.

Anyway, I made 14,200,000 isk off my Fullerite-C540 and 22,200,000 isk of the Fullerite-C320.

I also noticed the neighbours had a bit of a rat infestation going on. So, in exchange for helping them with their little problem I helped myself to two Barren Reservoirs and their 29,200,000-ish isk of gas and 4,000,000 isk in Sleeper Loot.

I lost four drones too. And by lost, I mean I literally lost them. I have no idea where I left them, but they’re gone.


Balance Brought Forward-1,095,332,200
Planetary Production26,933,000-10,210,600
Day 18 Financials

That ends today with a very tidy profit of 92,402,400 isk which is much better than the last few days. It shows what a bit of luck and a touch of effort can do.

Today’s closing balance is now -1,002,929,800 isk

Parting Thoughts

I don’t think it was even a week ago where I was getting a bit of burnout boredom. Such is the way of Eve that things change so rapidly like that. More than half a billion isk down the drain and masses of tourists through my home system later and here I sit appreciating one of the quieter days.

I had a look around in the system I left an alt in yesterday. As far as alts go, he’s not useful at all and I need to free up a training slot so I can get him a Covert Ops Cloaking Device II. Then I can at least make that system less desirable to wanna be tenants by activating all the sites.

I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to move in there or not. As I mentioned yesterday, I am going on holiday next week, then I come back for two weeks before going away again. So I doubt I’ll do anything within the next month.

I will use that time to build up my isk so when I’m ready, I have the reserves to get what I need. My main has finished the HIC training now too and I’m going to start training on HACs as soon as I can get somewhere that has skill books.

Looking at the killmail for my Athanor, it was a few HACs that took me out and one did a phenomenal amount of damage. If I can get even close to that, my POCO issue might also go away.

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