Day 17 – Company

It is safe to say I am still stinging a lot from yesterday’s loss. I was really excited to get going, but it was not meant to be.

This morning there were a lot of signatures in my system. 5 wormholes and a new Frontier Barracks.

I got my PI done and even a little bit of huffing at the Sizeable Perimeter Reservoir that showed up yesterday.

It didn’t last long though because my D-Scan filled up very quickly and I put myself on lockdown.

With all those entry and exit holes I knew it would be a day full of tourists.

I poked my nose into one of the neighbouring holes and fell in love. It is a C2, loads of sites, a highsec connection and, best of all, no one lives there! I’ve parked an alt there to keep an eye on things. Maybe when I have enough funds to get a new Athanor I can put it in there if no one else has moved in.

I think there is a lot of competition in C2s though.

Planetary Production

Excess P1556,000 isk
Excess P24,460,000 isk
P319,200,000 isk
Costs10,393,600 isk
Total13,806,400 isk
Day 17 Planetary Production


I started huffing in the gas site that arrived yesterday but it just got too dangerous. I huffed 6,510,000 isk in gas.

Now, I’m a bit torn. If I stockpile gas I wont get isk quick enough to get a new refinery anytime soon. While gas hasn’t been the most reliable source of income, it has been my biggest earner. So I think what I’m going to do is continue to sell the gas until I’m able to get another Athanor then start again with stockpiling.

I considered only selling half my gas, but have decided against that. I’ll sell it all and start again when I need to.

A Busy System

I sat on my static once D-Scan filled up and was sure I was being invaded and evicted. I don’t know how they found the hole because it was a new static and I hadn’t been through it. Warping to it should keep the K162 closed on the other side as long as I don’t go through the hole. At least, that’s what I thought the case was.

Well, BNB3 and BNB5 had found my system and were using it as a highway to/from their home. I first noticed them earlier when they had a guard on a hole one system over. I didn’t think anything of it at the time until I saw their pack in my home system. Either they were roaming (which puts my home system in jeopardy) or they were going to kick some specific a$$ (which is fine as long as it’s not me).

A few days ago when I was used as a thoroughfare for a shopping trip I was curious, but not nervous. After yesterday’s events though, I was nervous. And seeing the sheer numbers, I was very nervous.

They went about their business without giving my humble home a second look and I was happy to log off knowing I should still have a home tomorrow morning. At least, it shouldn’t be this corp kicking me out.

Later in the day


Balance Brought Forward-1,115,648,600 isk
Planetary Production+24,200,000 isk-10,393,600 isk
Huffing+6,510,000 isk
Totals30,710,000 isk-1,126,042,200 isk
Day 17 Financials

That has today’s closing balance at -1,095,332,200 isk.

Parting Thoughts

Financially I’m slowly clawing my way back from the black hole that is the debt I’ve created for myself. I need to put some effort into running sites and find a good gas cloud or two. Otherwise it will take me forever to make up my losses.

I am going on holiday next week which means I have a busy week ahead but need to make time to earn some isk. While I’m away things will come to a grinding halt and I don’t know if I’ll be able to connect and keep an eye on things. That makes losing my home a very real possibility.

If I do get evicted during that time, I will take it as a sign to move holes. If I don’t, I’ll take it as a sign that I’m really lucky!

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