Day 16 – FFS!

And that boys and girls, is why I say things like J-Space is a brutal place.

The Athanor that is no more

So, I logged on at my normal time this morning. I was in a bit of a hurry because I have company coming around later and need to get the house ready.

I had a bucket load of new sigs in the system which I scanned down:

  • Three wormholes
  • One new Relic site
  • One new gas site

I had 90 minutes left before the anchoring was finished and the structure would be in severe danger if I didn’t get things online.

I activated the gas site and took care of the rats. I did my usual planetary production.

With one hour to go I shot out to the shops quickly, unpacked the groceries and logged on. Loaded up the moon drill and some fuel and when I undocked from my EC, I noticed the Athanor wasn’t on my overview.

Weird, I’m sure it should be. Maybe its a mechanic that I need to online it first?

I warp on over and see the smoldering wreck that should have been my Athanor. Nothing left. Completely destroyed.

I’d missed it by only a few minutes, but those few minutes cost me half a billion isk. I did a scan of the system to make sure the invaders were gone. If they were still there, they left no evidence.

As a precaution I loaded everything I could into ships and warped off to my safe spots to log off. This is a bad day for this sort of thing because I can neither be around to keep an eye on things, roll holes, nor protect my assets.

Planetary Production

Excess P1496,000 isk
Excess P23,130,000 isk
P322,000,000 isk
Costs10,859,600 isk
Total14,766,400 isk
Day 16 Planetary Production


I cleared out the rats from my new gas site and brought in 2,400,000 isk in loot. At this stage I thought the day was off to such a good start!


I didn’t get a chance to huff the gas today so hopefully tomorrow it’s still there. Even if I had, while I’m stockpiling I won’t include gas in my daily financials until the gas is either sold, or the reactions are complete.

Balance Brought Forward-1,132,815,000 isk
Planetary Production+25,626,000 isk-10,859,600 isk
Ratting+2,400,000 isk
Total+28,026,000 isk1,143,674,600 isk
Day 16 Balance Sheet

So that gives me a closing balance today of -1,115,648,600 isk and I have no Athanor to show for it.

Parting Thoughts

Wow. Well, where do I even start? Next time, I need to pay more attention to when I anchor the thing and maintain strict hole control.

While out at the shops I had a K162 show up from Dangerous space and I suspect this is where they came in. My static was fresh.

Having said that, they could have come in early and left a scout behind. I’d like to think it was purely coincidence that they stumbled across it at the time they did. The truth is though, you just never know.

I’ve seen these guys around before. They are for sure a J-Space PvP corp and I just paid them my school fees.

Hope is not lost though. That was a crap-ton of isk lost, but I will make it up again.

So now I need to build up my cash reserves so I can get another one. When I do, I will be extra careful and not just slap the thing down.

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