Day 15 – It Is Done

There is a heck of a lot to talk about today. As I’m sure you can tell by the title of this post, I’ve done it. So, let’s rewind back to yesterday.

After deciding I wasn’t going to play anymore for the day, I suffered a significant case of impulse buying. I came back online and spent who-knows-how-long rolling holes. I rolled my holes, I rolled my neighbours holes, and I rolled my neighbours’ neighbours holes.

Eventually I found a connection 7 jumps from Rens. Awesome! Well, no. Two Trig invasions along the way and the shopping I was planning to do would not be acceptable to transport through two invasions. So, back home and more rolling.

I was beginning to see it as a sign until I found a connection a whopping one jump from Jita!

I did quick price checks for what I wanted to buy and liquidated all my highsec assets. Well, the expensive and easy to access ones. I didn’t check the final balance but stopped at about 1,2 billion isk. More than enough for what I wanted, and went shopping.


Between Jita and Perimeter I purchased the following (rounded to the nearest 1,000 isk):

Athanor589,000,000 isk
Survey Probe Launcher999,000 isk
Survey Probes6,775,000 isk
Heavy Interdiction Cruiser Skillbook37,130,000 isk
Moon Drill79,810,000 isk
Hybrid Reactor124,700,000 isk
Reactions Skillbook1,416,000 isk
Badger3,795,000 isk
Moon Ore Processing Skillbook10,000,000 isk
Moon Ore Crystals12,350,000 isk
Additional Megathron & Fittings~280,000,000 isk
Total Purchases1,145,975,000 isk
Shopping Spree

There was a trip to Rens this morning (more rolling and scanning) to get the Megathron (I had isk spare) and Badger (faster for planetary production than the ship one ‘toon is using) and more probes because I didn’t realise they were single use. What an insult to find the probe price in Rens and Hek was double the Jita price!

Right, Now that we’re all caught up, on with the dailies…


There were 5 signatures this morning of which four were wormholes either in or out of my system. Using them I found a connection to Rens, skipping the invasion systems.

The last signature was a relic site which I activated quickly.

I had 25 moon probes and wanted to find the best place to install my Athanor. It turns out my moon mining research was a little out of date given a patch by CCP in March 2020 that messed the whole bloody thing up.

No problem though, this is not intended to be my main source of income, just an addition. So I used all 25 probes, and barely covered half the moons in the system, to see what my options were. I honestly have no idea what is better, a moon with higher concentration of the two rarer ores, or one that has all four wormhole moon ores. So I went for one that has all four in the best distribution I could find.

Athanor Deployment

Athanor Anchoring

This is only the second ever structure I have deployed and the initial fifteen minutes, followed by the next 24 hours are nerve wrecking. Especially in J-Space. I need to close all my holes and be as safe as I can until tomorrow morning. Obviously I need to close holes on a day I have four of them. Fortunately I now have a second ship with which to do it.

Planetary Production

Excess P1418,000 isk
Excess P24,400,000 isk
P318,800,000 isk
Costs10,458,000 isk
Total13,160,000 isk
Day 15 Planetary Production


Up until now I have just been adding a table with how much I have made on each day. Given my significant purchases today, I think it is time to do a full on balance sheet with running totals. So here we go:

Shopping Spree1,145,975,000 isk
Planetary Production13,160,000 isk
Closing Balance-1,132,815,000 isk
Day 15 Balance Sheet

Parting Thoughts

Even though I don’t have a lot to show for it by way of income, it was a very busy 24 hours. Not everything in Eve is about making isk, but it does make things easier!

I will admit there was that moment of hesitation before I clicked ‘Anchor’ on the Athanor. But no, this was the plan and I am happy to stick to it. I just hope the structure survives the 24 hour anchoring period and the 15 minutes after that.

Not included in this post is closing and rolling the holes which I am going to do now.

First step will be trying out this moon mining thing. I am a way off from trying out my reactions because, in order to assist with the shopping spree, I sold all my stock at the Jita connection. That means I need to not only stock up on gas and ore, but also buy reactions.

For the next little while my income is going to be low, relying solely on planetary production and any loot from ratting and sites. I need to stockpile gas, and also ore when it becomes available.

Once I have a small stockpile I will try my first hybrid reactions and by then all three citadel modules will be online and I’d better make some isk to pay for the fuel blocks (which I also need for reactions).

I do love how they look as the nanites are building them

2 thoughts on “Day 15 – It Is Done

  1. If those 2 systems were Sasta and Jark, you should be able to pass through them safely if you haven’t shot any Edencom ships. Whenever I pass through there I see people mining in Orcas and whatnot, so it must be relatively safe. A scout would be advised though.

    Congrats on getting the Athanor set up, I’m looking forward to seeing how much ISK you can make from moon mining.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They could very well have been. Offhand I’m not sure at all though and I’m far away from my laptop to check. That’s good to know though, thanks!

      Haha, the result may, or may not surprise you. Let’s see! šŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

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