Day 14 – Future Plans

I had big plans for today because I’ve decided what my short-term future in my home system will be. I wanted to hunt down a trade hub connection to confirm the prices I have estimated and potentially putting my plan into place.

This was not to be. After rolling holes and exploring various chains, the highsec connections I found were either end-of-life or popped into a Trig invasion system.

So instead I will cover the usual dailies and then let you know what my plans are.

I had two new sites when I did my daily patrol. A new data site and a Barren Perimeter Reservoir gas site. Yay! This is better than yesterday’s gas site, although not by much.

I had a fresh static as well so should be quite secure.

Planetary Production

The impact of my oopsie was, as expected, not too bad today and not selling my P2 yesterday means I am on track again today with even more P3 items created than expected. Hopefully that remains the case.

Excess P1691,000 isk
Excess P22,240,000 isk
P322,900,000 isk
Costs9,846,000 isk
Total15,985,000 isk
Day 14 Planetary Production


The Barren Perimeter Reservoir has 5 frigate rats and when I warped in I happened to land right on top of them. I’ve been forgetting the whole time that I have drones so today they came out and we quickly dispatched the rats bringing in 2,000,000 isk in loot.


With my two Ventures out and no rats to worry about, while also having a relatively safe system, I huffed away for about 20 minutes and brought in 14,600,000 isk in gas.

Two new gas sites in 24 hours. Hopefully there is another tomorrow.


Planetary Production15,985,000 isk
Ratting2,000,000 isk
Huffing14,600,000 isk
Total32,585,000 isk
Day 14 Financials


Looking at my main activities, I mainly huff gas, do Planetary Production and mine ore with the occasional combat site (new activity) and ratting.

In my post yesterday I said I was going to research ways in which I can make my home system more profitable and wanted to consider my main activities as the driving force behind that.

I looked into production of all types; Tech 1, Tech 2 and Tech 3. I looked briefly at rig production, blueprint research and invention.

Then I came across this thing called reactions. I’ve heard of it over the years but really never gave it a second thought. I looked into it and Hybrid Reactions really caught my attention.

The ingredients for Hybrid Reactions are:

  • Wormhole gasses – I’m getting this anyway
  • Asteroid Minerals – I’m getting this anyway
  • Fuel Blocks – Not cheap but I’m buying these anyway

So, the only thing I need is the citadel module to do these reactions.

Plan Better Next Time

When I moved into my system I knew I needed a place to stay. I was tired of living out of an Orca ( which a bought after my first attempt at nomadic wormhole life) and looked into Citadels.

In the end I went with an Engineering Complex because it made the most sense; I didn’t know about refineries and the other citadels were too expensive.

I figured I would load up a reprocessing module, production and research modules to come later.

Well I’m doing neither production nor research. The reactors needed to do reactions need to be installed in a refinery.

A refinery has a bonus to reprocessing yield. Light bulb moment!

If I get a refinery, I will have a reprocessing module, because I need it, and a reactor to do hybrid reactions. What else can go into a refinery? A moon drill!

After some research on the new moon mining mechanics (they’re new for me, and to be fair, totally new seeing as it’s something I’ve never looked into), I discovered there is a metric crap-ton of stuff you can get from mining moons.

Decision made, I need a refinery.

The Plan

I have an engineering complex that has all my stuff, but I don’t need the complex. I need a refinery. I don’t have the isk to buy the refinery. Because of the stuff I have (basically, two ships per ‘toon in the system), I can’t decommission the EC and sell it before getting, and anchoring, the refinery.

So I need to come up with roughly 800,000,000 isk. I don’t know if there are player loans still going around and if there are, I haven’t been engaging with other players, or the forums, enough to know who is reputable so that option is out.

The ‘toon who does the gas huffing was originally created, many years ago, as a freighter pilot for my mining corp back then and he actually still has a freighter in K-Space somewhere. Last I checked those things sold for over 1 billion isk.

I don’t particularly want to sell it (moving those things around is a chore unto itself). But that gets me the isk I need to fund my little enterprise.

So I need to find a good K-Space connection, get to the freighter, sell it, buy everything I need and get back to my system.

I also need to get a moon survey thingy so I can see what moon will be the best for this exercise. I have quite a few in my system so hopefully I’m lucky.

Once all that is set up, I can decommission my EC, sell it, and repay my former-freighter-pilot-now-gas-huffer.

Parting Thoughts

This is super excising. Moon mining will get me more ore than I can realistically mine. And not just regular ores either, fancy moon goo stuff. No idea if it’s valuable or not. I can keep getting gas, but this time stockpile it.

I need to buy fuel blocks anyway and each reaction uses 5 of them (adds up over time but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not a lot).

I need to choose the right reactions for my moon type, or choose the right moon for my reaction type, but I think there is very good isk to be made here.

I’m using the rest of today to try and find a K-Space connection and confirm the prices I have, but don’t think there is a need to blog about that.

If I’m lucky and get everything sorted, I’ll give a proper detailed description of it in tomorrow’s post.

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