Day 13 – Trade Woes

I was super happy to start the day today with no incoming connections and a brand new gas site in my home system. Unfortunately it was another Token Perimeter Reservoir, but that’s still over 8,000,000 isk in gas.

My stockpile of goods was getting a little large too, already taking 150% of the available cargo hold in my transport ship. So I found a trade route and offloaded some stock.

Planetary Production

Well, true to form for me, I totally messed up my PI today. Resource availability on one of my P1 planets has shifted. I shuffled everything around, which included the launchpad. In the true spirit of me, I removed the old launchpad without collecting the P1 items first and lost them forever. Doh!

My hope is the impact of this will be minimal. It affects a P2 item I have two ‘toons creating. So today I am recording zero excess P2 items and will use them tomorrow instead. Hopefully that doesn’t impact my P3 items which is my money maker anyway.

Excess P11,650,000 isk
Excess P20 isk
P317,800,000 isk
Costs9,762,800 isk
Total9,687,200 isk
Day 13 Planetary Production


While doing my morning scan I activated my new gas site so the rats would show up once I was done with my planetary production. I fired up the hurricane and initiated the J-Space Rodent Removal Service.

I brought in 1,800,000 isk in loot and 137,000 isk in salvage. Given that return, I really don’t think salvaging the rats is worth it. Does anyone out there have experience with more valuable salvage?

I also helped the neighbours with a rat problem in one of their gas sites. It was a selfish service though because I wanted to huff the gas while they weren’t looking. That brought another 2,000,000 isk in loot and no salvage.


My Token Perimeter Reservoir brought in an abysmal 8,820,000 isk in gas before it depleted. At least I could huff though!

When my neighbours weren’t looking I cleaned out one of their gas sites too and brought in 9,080,000 isk in various gases. The one cloud had been partly huffed so I’m so glad I helped them out with their ratting problem.

Like Santa in the night they wont even know I was there. When they return they’ll notice their rat problem is gone. As will be the entire gas site, but life is all about trade-offs.


Trade Hub Issues

This Niarja situation is now an issue for me. I found a route to K-Space and popped out 8 jumps from Amarr. I hate popping up near Amarr because the price on some of my gases, and a few other things, is all but crashing. To make matters worse, I tend to pop up near Amarr more often than I do anywhere else. I don’t know if that’s purely coincidence or a game mechanic.

I had to make two trips to Amarr to offload stock and each time took 50% of my products back to J-Space with me because of crappy prices. I’ll hoard them for a Jita connection or another Hek/Rens route and see what the prices are like there.

I did manage to offload 96,694,966 isk in stock though which was more than I expected after hauling most of the gas back with me. I am holding onto the rest of the gas as that is not doing as well in Amarr.


Planetary Production9,687,200 isk
Huffing17,900,000 isk
Ratting3,937,000 isk
Total31,524,200 isk
Day 13 Financials

Parting Thoughts

I have a lot more to do since I’ve started putting more effort into relieving the neighbours of their resources. I am glad I can give back a little by helping them with their rodent infestations though. One day I’m sure they’ll thank me.

Trade routes. Not nice. It’s making saving up for that second battleship a slow process. Now that I’m more active with the neighbours though, hopefully that will speed up again.

I have almost trained up for that HIC, just a couple days left if I’m not mistaken. I’m going to stick to plan B and get another rolling battleship first. And who knows, if my rolling continues at its current success rate, I may not need a HIC in the end anyway.

I’m still trying to think of ways to maximise the profitability of living in J-Space. I’ve considered researching BPOs, but that’s months watching a timer count down. So it’s not at all an engaging activity.

Production. I’m not sure what Sleeper salvage is good for, but I’ll look into that. Maybe that is an avenue to explore. I don’t want to do normal T1 production because then I may as well live in K-Space.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments. I’m willing to explore any and all options and weigh the pros and cons.

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