Day 12 – New Activities

Yesterday was a bit of a downer for me and I needed to come up with something to do to keep me engaged. I spent a lot of time yesterday afternoon thinking and then remembered; the whole reason I chose this system is to make use of the resources next door. And that is exactly what I did today, which brought along another first for me.

I scanned down the system, as usual, first thing in the morning. Another crappy frigate hole into a C5.

My ore site has despawned since downtime so no chance of me even considering production for a while. It’s a sign!

Planetary Production

I’ve done a little bit of shuffling. One of the P1 items I’m making is not as efficient as it should be. The launchpad is getting full of P0 items which means I’m losing P1 items and probably more P0 items. So I’ve made a slight adjustment and hopefully that will pay off soon with few excess P1 and more excess P2 items.

Excess P1952,000 isk
Excess P22,300,000 isk
P321,300,000 isk
Costs10,165,200 isk
Total14,386,800 isk
Day 12 Planetary Production


I popped into the C5 from that frigate connection. There wasn’t really anything interesting in there. I activated four gas sites and it was then that I remembered I am supposed to be taking peoples resources.

I found a C2 (I didn’t want any higher class system than that) which was nice and quite with it’s lowsec connection.

I activated all 5 gas sites and brought the ventures in.

Now, time for that Hurricane. I had a look what combat sites were available in the system. Quite a few, all of them either Perimeter Checkpoints or Hangars. I decided to ignore the checkpoints because…Sentry Towers…yuck.

I had a look at the ship types and refit the weapons on the ‘cane; two autocannons to deal with the frigates in the first spawn and the rest capable of dealing with the cruisers and battlecruisers.

The site I chose had already had the first wave removed and the second wave spawned. That took me a minute to work out what I was seeing.

Unfortunately I was in a system that had a 22% negative bonus to my active tank so I did warp out once per wave just to regenerate. And those things are far away, with my 200m/s and their 100m/s, it took a while to get to them and at the beginning of the spawn I would try bookmark a warp-in point nearer to them. For the most part this worked.

I had a scout cloaked up in system as well, just in case.

I handled both waves with relative ease. Certainly not a walk in the park, but at no time did I come close to losing my ship.

11,800,000 isk in Blue Loot. I’m quite happy with that, especially for my first attempt. I didn’t bother to salvage the wrecks.

I left a few sites in the system to return to later. I’ve had quite a bit of real-world stuff to take care off so the plan was to return and try more sites if time allowed.


The same system where I tried my first Sleeper Anomaly had five gas sites. I activated them all and took care of the rates before bringing in the Ventures. Only two sites had gas worth huffing (Fullerite-C72) and I huffed it up quickly, netting myself 17,900,000 isk worth of gas.


The only ratting I did today was in the neighbours two gas sites I wanted to huff. Again, I didn’t bother salvaging but got myself 4,000,000 isk worth of loot.


Planetary Production14,386,800 isk
Huffing17,900,000 isk
Ratting4,000,000 isk
Sites11,800,000 isk
Total48,086,800 isk
Day 12 Financials

Parting Thoughts

I’m glad yesterday was a bit of a downer. It gave me the chance to re-evaluate why I’m in J-Space, and why I chose this particular hole.

Right at the beginning of this series I said J-Space suited my play style because of the variety and that is what I’d forgotten yesterday.

My hole has relatively easy access to C1-C3 wormholes and I need to make better use of them, instead of just looking for a route to a trade hub.

I am very happy having done another new thing today. New for me anyway.

So, my activities now are now:

  • Huffing
  • Mining
  • Ninja-Huffing Core sites
  • Ratting
  • Rolling holes
  • C1-C2 (maybe C3) combat sites

Now that I’ve popped my proverbial cherry, I can look into refining my ‘cane fit a bit more. 200m/s is not a bad speed, but in dangerous J-Space I’d like to move around a little quicker. Or, bring in some artillery weapons so I can pop the Sleepers from further away.

More research required!

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