Day 11 – Fatigue

I had no real goals for today when I started. Scan, mine, then…um…we’ll see what connections we have.

I had a K162 to Unknown Space and no new anomalies when I logged on. I warped on over to the ore site to see if there were any rats, and activate them if there weren’t. After doing my planetary production, however, there were still no rats.

Maybe I don’t understand the rat spawning mechanics. I’ve killed the rats at this site before. Does that mean they’re gone for good?

Planetary Production

Excess P1561,000 isk
Excess P23,870,000 isk
P320,200,000 isk
Costs10,149,600 isk
Total14,481,400 isk
Day 11 Planetary Production

Ore Mining

I did a very quick load of ore mining while contemplating my plans for the day and brought in 8,040,000 isk in ore.


I didn’t pay too much attention to the class of wormholes I went through as I was looking around. I found a few highsec connections but as I did a trade run yesterday, I wasn’t too interested in them.

I found a C5 with a K162 that popped out 8 jumps from Jita though, that would have been lovely yesterday!

Speaking of that C5, it had two, not one but TWO, Core sites in it! I quickly scanned down the rest of the system and fetched my Venture.

  • J-145931 – 1 gas site activated
  • J-101012 – 1 gas site activated
  • J-140524 – 2 gas sites activated
  • J-122993 – 1 gas site activated
  • J-104448 – 1 gas site activated

There really aren’t a lot of gas sites around today, but I will continue doing my duty to the J-Space denizens.


Luck was not with me today. The first core site I activated already had all the Fullerite-C320 huffed from it. But no problem, Fullerite-C540 is better than I’ve had in a while.

I literally got 4 units of it before scanner probes showed up on d-scan. Not my lucky day at all!

I warped out with the Venture knowing I’d already activated the site and Sleepers would arrive soon anyway.

While that was happening I warped over to the second site which luckily still had a cloud of Fullerite-C320. This site, now being activated, would be the first first thing I planned to do after downtime. I had no way of knowing how much gas was left, but I intended to bring both Ventures out anyway.

I did go back after downtime and get some of the Fullerite-C320. I was still a bit skittish after the Venture loss a few days ago so left early, but not before getting 20,300,000 isk of gas.


Planetary Production14,481,400 isk
Ore Mining8,040,000 isk
Gas Huffing20,300,000 isk
Total42,821,400 isk
Day 11 Financials

Parting Thoughts

Today was one of those days that leads people to not enjoy J-Space and discourages many from solo wormhole life.

Apart from the gas, there really wasn’t much to do. My ore site has limited time left, I have no gas, I can’t solo my two combat sites and the last thing I felt like doing was rolling holes again today.

I considered getting myself a small, cheap, PvP ship and going on a roam. In the end I didn’t do this. When looking for my hole I came across so many Russian Venture pilots huffing gas, but I’ve seen no one doing anything of the sort in weeks.

I need to find something to keep me engaged or I’ll end up moving holes just for something to do. Which is not what I want.

Maybe it’s time to research some production and use the ore sites I get, when I get them, to make some ammo of some sort. I say ammo because it’s small and easy to transport. I’ll do some research and see.

Something I need to consider for this is the cost of a manufacturing module and the extra fuel costs. I have an engineering complex in my hole that I use to compress the ore I mine. PI pays for that fuel and as long as I’m getting 10 million plus in P3 items, I should be okay.

The main downside of going into production like this though is the time I’ll have to spend mining.

Right, tomorrow, we will either have a lovely gas site in our system, or have a plan for keeping me entertained!

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