Day 10 – Rolling Rolling Rolling

Today started with two K162s in addition to my usual static. These K162 both lead to C2s, one being a shattered system.

I had no new anomalies today, although, one of my combat sites has despawned. I spent some time trying to decide what the plan for the day is. Maybe some exploring and gas searching. Maybe a highsec connection to offload some stock (I have about 70 million isk waiting to be sold).

I’m now trying to decide as well, am I going to get the HIC as soon as I can, or get a second rolling battleship to make rolling holes quicker. Let’s see how today’s rolling goes. Either way, I don’t have enough isk for either option yet.

Planetary Production

PI this morning was lower than expected (at least on the P3 front), but still better than the last two days after my various mistakes.

Excess P11,100,000 isk
Excess P22,270,000 isk
P320,200,000 isk
Costs10,430,800 isk
Total13,139,200 isk
Day 10 Planetary Production


I decided I would explore the C2s, activate some gas and ore and try to find a good highsec connection.

A few days ago I remarked that I’d discovered a core gas site in a C2 which was weird for me. This shattered system had two of them, so maybe that’s the reason. I didn’t even consider huffing in the because there was a lot of activity. So I just activated some sites and left. I tried to collapse the hole but left it critical again. 1 point towards HIC purchase.

The other C2 had a highsec connection but it came out in Solitude, about a gazillion jumps from any trade hub that I know of.

I found another C2 but it’s highsec connection was end-of-life so I lost interest immediately.

I successfully rolled two more 2,000,000,000 kg holes. 2 points towards battleship purchase.

  • J-120619 – No sites to activate
  • J-104820 – 2 gas sites activated
  • J-115727 – 3 gas sites activated and 6 ore sites
  • J-005900 – 3 gas sites activated and 8 ore sites
  • J-1104408 – No sites activated (also an EOL highsec connection)
  • J-101441 – 3 gas sites activated

As you can see, I spent a whole lot of time in C2s trying to get a good highsec connection.


Sadly I didn’t get to anymore isk generating activities today. I spent a lot of time…a LOT of time…rolling holes (mine and my neighbours) trying to get a good trade hub connection. Eventually I got something a few jumps out from Amarr and thought I’d struck gold.

Unfortunately, it would appear the invasions causing trade disruptions are now, finally, affecting me. Stock that should have sold for 66+ million isk barely got me 45 million.

So today, planetary production brought in 13,139,200 isk and that’s all I made today.

Parting Thoughts

It feels like today was unproductive. I didn’t make much in the way of isk. But I was busy for a long time. I got so tired of the hole rolling that I didn’t even go out looking for gas to huff.

That is a good point of order though. I think I have decided; I will get another rolling battleship before I get the HIC. I had good practice today and only had one hole left in the critical state. That’s not to say it won’t happen again. But I think days like today take a bigger toll than leaving the occasional hole critical. And I’d rather spend 10 minutes rolling a hole with two ships than my current almost 20 minutes. My miner can fly the same ship I’m using to roll, I just need to check his skills for the rest of the fitting.

And I need to put some effort into earning some isk, otherwise I won’t get a battleship or HIC.

On my way back from Amarr I picked up the second last skill I need for the HIC. So now Ijust have one skillbook outstanding.

I wanted to rat the ore site, but no rats spawned, even after downtime. I’m not sure what’s up with that so will try again tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Day 10 – Rolling Rolling Rolling

  1. Keep them holies rollin’, rawhide.

    It’s interesting to see how the buy orders in Amarr have been affected by the invasion, thats if you used buy orders, that is. I made a prediction a while back that making Niarja Final Lim would see Amarr slowly decline while Jita continues to prosper, and it would seem that is the case.


    1. Sorry for the delay Pix, I was away for over a week. Yes you’re quite right. For most of my items I used buy orders. If I wasn’t happy at all will the price and there was enough of a gap between BO and SO I put my items up for halfway between the two and was always successful on the sales, usually within a couple of hours tops.

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