Day 9 – Decisions

Today was a low playtime kind of day. The weather has warmed up so I’m making the most of being outside.

I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about moving into the new system. I had a look around the system and there are a couple of citadels. In my current system there was a Raitaru, but it was unanchoring and none of those in the new system give them impression they’re abandoned.

Looking at the killboards for the new system, there was a massive battle a few weeks ago. When I say massive, 22 players attacking Naglfars. That sort of thing.

So no, it is not my ideal hole and I have decided to stay where I am. At least for a few more weeks.

Morning Patrol

This morning I have a new anomaly; a Frontier Command Post. I warped to it to activate it and scanned down the three signatures. One was a wormhole that collapsed in the time it took me to get a location and then arrive at the site. So I have no idea what it was.

I still have the connection to that lovely C5. Interesting, the corp who was attacked in there a few weeks ago was the same corp that did a supply run through my system yesterday to a different hole.

I have another roaming hole this morning, and again a frigate size one (irritating!) to a C6. I wanted to pop in and see if there was any good gas because I can get a Venture through there, I think. Unfortunately I didn’t have time before logging off.

While doing some mining another roaming hole popped up. That’s the fourth I think in three days and currently I have two. Well, this one leads to a C4. I haven’t been through it. If I do, it will be tomorrow.

Planetary Production

As expected, I was quite low in the P3 items this morning. I haven’t made a loss, but it was close. Tomorrow should be back to normal again and I remembered to restart the extractors today!

Excess P1806,000 isk
Excess P26,080,000 isk
P32,750,000 isk
Costs7,328,800 isk
Total2,307,200 isk
Day 9 Planetary Production

Ore Mining

I did two quick mining trips just to make sure today’s income was not only 7 figures and brought in 17,060,000 isk of ore. Now unfortunately it’s time to call it a day.


Planetary Production2,307,200 isk
Ore Mining17,060,000 isk
Total19,367,200 isk
Day 9 Income

Parting Thoughts

Today was a quiet day and in order to mitigate Eve burnout I decided to just do the essentials. Tomorrow I will hunt for some gas and explore the neighbouring holes will getting some more practice rolling, and closing, them.

I’m very happy with my decision not to move. Not only because of potential residents returning to their home, but the logistics of packing everything up and moving it does not appeal to me at all.

One day I will move. But today is not that day.

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