Day 8 – Meet the Neighbours

I woke up early this morning and decided to get up and fire up Eve. My morning patrol of the system revealed two new anomalies; a Frontier Barracks and a new ore deposit. Excellent stuff, I haven’t done any mining in days. Yes, I remember how sole crushingly boring it is.

There are also three connections this morning, one of which is a frigate sized hole to a C3. That means I cannot collapse it. Well I can, but it’ll be quicker to wait for the 16 hour timer to expire.

I’ve also looked into the price of a HIC. Ugh. Over 300 million. I can make that in the two weeks I have to train, but I’d like to start saving now! Definitely time to start huffing from the neighbours.

Planetary Production

The effects of my extractor mistake are evident this morning. Not in returns but in P2 items which will mean very low income tomorrow. Today’s profit will absorb it though and I don’t expect to be at a loss like two days ago.

Excess P1535,000 isk
Excess P22,930,000 isk
P318,100,000 isk
Costs7,176,000 isk
Total14,389,000 isk
Day 8 Planetary Production

The Neighbours

One of the other wormholes in my system today is a C2, and this C2 has a static highsec which comes out only two jumps from Jita!

I’m sitting on about 50 mil isk of stock and with a connection like that, I may as well sell it off as it fills a little over half of my transport already.

I take the scout back home and fire up my transport ‘toon, load every thing up and head out.

As I land on the hole I had one of those moments where you see what’s happening, but it doesn’t process quite correctly.

I saw a Sabre in the overview but for whatever reason I processed it as a wreck. Okay careful, they’re protecting their hole. Why am I not jumping?

Oh, I’m 13km away. How on earth did that happen?

Ugh, that Sabre isn’t a wreck. Warp out.

Hmm, I can’t.

Oh crap, bubble!

I find the closest point of exit and start slow-boating my way out. I’m cloaked so not too concerned. The Sabre is getting closer though and very quickly. I won’t make it out before I get decloaked. I have zero defenses. This is not going to end well.

As the Sabre gets to 4,400m the bubble disappears. I have never spammed the warp button so hard in my life!

I made it out and stored my cargo. This trip is not going to happen today.

I jumped back in my scout and headed back to the wormhole and bounced back and forth between the two large ones.

This corp was definitely making the most of the nearby Jita connection so I perched above a wormhole and just watched. They had battleships and all sorts of ships. Eventually I saw the Iteron V and was relived to see they weren’t trying to move in.

Spying on the neighbours

There was a Gallente Frigate wreck at one of the holes and looking at the killmail, it was an explorer who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As a result of watching the activity in my home system I spotted a Drekavac for the first time. I didn’t even know these existed but it was really cool to see. I want one!

Drekavac Sighting

There are a little over two hours left before that wormhole collapses. Not the one to the C2, the other one. So I’m going to keep a low profile until then.

Ore Mining

I cleaned out the four rats waiting at the ore site (someone must have been here already) and netted myself 2,270,000 isk in loot and salvage.

This week we changed our COVID-19 lockdown status which means bars and restaurants have opened again. That means I was frightfully fragile this morning and wasn’t capable of much more than just staring at my screen. That is the perfect scenario for a bit of mining.

I managed to get two loads done in my Exhumer netting 17,100,000 isk in ore.


I found a nice chain of C5s before downtime so went about activating gas sites as they had quite a lot. I bookmarked a few pockets of the good stuff (no Core sites unfortunately) so I could go back after downtime and help myself.

I have also found my new home. Not for a while yet but I’ve parked an alt in there to keep an eye on things until I’m ready to move. I’m an impulse buyer and it is no different in Eve. I want that hole, and I want it now! But no, I will wait. Especially seeing as I’ve just activated all the gas sites in it!

  • J-110634 – 2 gas sites activated
  • J-155739 – 6 gas sites activated
  • J-120546 – 7 gas sites activated
  • J-FutureHome – 7 gas sites activated

That is 22 sites that will despawn in a few days. I’m just doing my part for the J-Space denizens.


I’ve rolled my static and also attempted to close one of those 3,000,000,000 kg total mass holes and it worked perfectly.

Now it’s just that stupid little frigate hole which hasn’t collapsed yet.


I’m not going to lie, that was a bit of a flop. I popped next door to huff some gas and I only managed to get 1,430,000 isk worth before a Helios showed up on D-Scan. Maybe an explorer, maybe a scout. I’ve only just got this Venture and I’m not ready to lose it just yet. At least not until it’s paid for itself. So time to call it a day.


Planetary Production14,389,000 isk
Ratting2,270,000 isk
Ore Mining17,100,000 isk
Huffing1,430,000 isk
Total35,189,000 isk
Day 8 Financials

Parting Thoughts

I made it to Jita in the end and sold my stock for 48,951,368,93 isk.

All in all that was a fun day. I am so tempted to start moving into that new hole now already. The hole I’m in met all my requirements at the time. I’ve only been there two weeks and logistically it’s a dream. But I don’t need a logistical dream anymore, I need something a bit more secluded. And it has more planets allowing me to step up my PI game. I just need to check the customs offices still. And I wonder why no one lives there already, very suspicious for a hole like that.

I’ll think about it for a few hours. I have until downtime tomorrow to move, if that’s what I’m going to do, as that’s when the hole will collapse.

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