Day 7 – First Roll!

After my last minute purchases yesterday I was super excited to get on this morning and try rolling holes.

The fate fairies were on my side too as when I logged in I saw there were a total of 5 connections (including static) to/from my system. This area is most certainly getting busier.

Apart from that, no new anomalies or sites so there will again be no ratting or huffing. At least I have a new Venture for when the huffing opportunity does present itself.

I didn’t have a lot of play time today so the agenda was strictly PI then role a hole or two and that’s about it.

Planetary Production

Remember in my first post I said this diary is neither a guide nor tutorial for new players? Well there’s another reason for that; I’m an idiot.

So I recovered from my launchpad boo-boo from the other day and made some nice income from my P3 items. Unfortunately, yesterday I forgot to restart the extractors so had very limited P1 items which means tomorrow there will be very few P2 which means fewer P3. What can I say? Oops.

Anyway, good income today from PI and as that’s all I’m doing today, I’m happy.

Excess P10 isk
Excess P20 isk
P328,900,000 isk
Costs9,132,400 isk
Total19,767,600 isk
Day 7 Planetary Production

Hole Rolling

Right. Something I’ve been confused by, and nervous of, ever since I first decided to move into a wormhole.

I pulled up the Rolling Chart from Eve University and made sure I understood what I was going to do here.

I jumped into Mick (Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones, get it?), my rolling battleship that I bought yesterday and headed over to the wormhole that connected to the C5 from yesterday. Scary place, loads of wrecks there, many P.O.S. structures. I don’t want that connecting to me.

This attempt didn’t go well. See, there are a few types of wormholes when it comes to total mass. This one was 3,000,000,000 when I thought it was a 2,000,000,000. I didn’t realise this until it didn’t shrink when I expected too, then discovered my mistake.

The hole went critical with me on the home side and, being a little nervous, I’ve decided to leave it critical. I’m not familiar enough with the mechanics to trust jumping a 200,000,000kg ship through a critical hole on my way out.

No problem, there is also a K162 leading to a C4 that has had minimal use from what I can tell.

As this is the first ever hole I’ve rolled, I’ll give the full details here, but in future I’ll just mention rolling success or failure.

I jumped through with the scout to identify the hole type and check for nasties on the far side. No nasties and an X877 wormhole. Great, 2,000,000,000 total mass. Exactly what I’m looking for.

I fire up my 500MN prop mod (I only need a 100 but the 500 means I can move at over 100 m/s) and jump through.

No shrink. 1,700,000,000kg left. Prop mod on, jump back.

No shrink. 1,400,000,000kg left. Wait out the polarisation timer, prop mod on, jump.

No shrink. 1,100,000,000kg left. Jumping back in should shrink the hole. Prop mod on. Jump.

Shrink! Excellent, so far so good and things are going as expected. 800,000,000kg left. I wait out the timer, leave prop mod off and jump out.

No shrink. 600,000,000kg left. Prop mod off. Jump.

No shrink. 400,000,000kg left. Wait out the timer. Prop mod off. Jump out.

No shrink. 200,000,000kg left. Now I’m nervous. Does it go critical at 10% total mass, or less than 10%? Prop mod off I weigh 196,000,000kg and with it on I weigh 296,000,000kg. The chart says jump with prop mod on. Will it let me jump through if my mass is less than the total mass remaining? I still have no idea.

Well. Let’s do this. Prop mod on. Jump.

Okay then, it let me jump. The hole didn’t close. What did I do wrong? I’m sure my calculations are correct.

Then the message pops up congratulating me on being totally awesome and closing my first ever hole. Well not really, but it did have the nerve to tell me I was stranded causing a moment of panic while I checked if I was on the correct side of the hole. I was! Shew!

My training is ongoing with 14 days left to fly the HIC so I can close those critical holes.

All in all, a good result.


There is nothing major to report today as the only income generating activity was PI. So the 19,767,600 isk in P3 items more than makes up for my loss yesterday.

Parting Thoughts

I am now a super-duper-Sleeper-killing-machine (except for those that pop my Venture) and a hole roller. I’ve got this WH dwelling thing down!

Tomorrow I will go looking for gas sites to ninja in adjacent systems and keep at the PI. After buying the Exhumer, and Mick, my funds are very low and I need to replenish because the adage in Eve Online is don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose. Well, at the moment I can only afford to lose one more Venture and my scout.

And I haven’t even looked at the cost of a HIC yet.

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