Day 6 – Locked Out

Living in J-Space comes with all sorts of risks. You can be jumped by players, Sleepers (they took a Venture off me yesterday), or a hole could close up behind you as happened to me today.

This was a really frustrating day for me and I can’t remember when last I had a day that actually irritated me. Especially after losing my Venture yesterday!

Anyway, on with the dailies…


Scanning down the system today was quick and easy. No new anomalies or sites and three wormhole connections.

The plan for today then is PI then go looking for a trade hub. I need a Venture and definitely want a rolling battleship now because the tourists through my system are increasing each day.

Planetary Production

Because of my oopsie yesterday with the P2 items, there were no P3 items to collect this morning. As such I did run at a loss. My reshuffling of the extractors the other day is giving me a lot of excess P1 which is great, but not enough to absorb the expenses today.

Excess P1771,000 isk
Excess P25,990,000 isk
P30 isk
Costs-7,621,200 isk
Total-860,200 isk
Day 6 Planetary Production


I had a K162 leading to a C2 at the start of the day so I decided to start here. Always a K-Space connection and lately I’ve been lucky with a highsec connection in the C2s I’ve visited.

This one was no different. Boom! 5 jumps from Hek. One problem though, two Trig invasions on the route. I’m not loading over 100 mil into a ship and trying to navigate that.

No problem, the C2 had many connections and I will make a morning of exploring.

After quite some time I found another C2 with a highsec connection and I honestly cannot believe my luck. 3 jumps from Hek and on the Hek side of that invasion! Karma is paying me back for my lost Venture yesterday!

I head home, load up the transport and head out.

Come on! I didn’t check the type of K162 that lead me to the C2 in the first place and my transport doesn’t fit through. Frigates only. I always check the age and mass remaining of every wormhole I jump through. But don’t usually check max mass per jump. That’ll teach me.

Okay, I headed back, unloaded the transport and headed out again with the scouting ship.

I don’t know which direction I headed. I lost count of how my wormholes I jumped through but eventually I found J002964.

I did not like this system at all. At all!

Anomalies and signatures totaled over 110. I’ve never seen so many in one system before! See the Gas Activation section below on a decision that arose as a result of this.

Well I spent ages in here scanning things down and eventually found a C2 with a highsec connection near a trade hub. I can’t remember which one.

Great, start heading back. The way I do my bookmarks make it very easy to get home again, I just need to make adjustments to find my way out again easily.

This is when today got a whole lot worse…

The long way home

Somewhere along the way a wormhole was closed on me. None were nearing End-of-Life so it was either closed by residents or my tiny little ship closed a critical hole. Either way, I no longer had a route home.

I spent the next two hours scanning down every wormhole, and gas site (see below) I could find. I no longer cared about mass or age of wormholes. I needed to get to K-Space. Once there I could get to the systems near Hek where I popped out earlier.

I scanned and scanned. Then I scanned some more. And just for good measure, I scanned even more.

Eventually I found a way out. There were some nullsec connections but those didn’t interest me. I tried some lowsec ones but they were no good either. Eventually I popped out somewhere. I can’t remember the system name but it did seem familiar to me. I think it was near Jita or Amarr.

Well, wherever it was, once I excluded the invasion systems from my route ended up being 30 jumps from where I needed to with a small stint through lowsec. By this point I didn’t care if there were gate camps.

Oh, I forgot to mention while warping to gas sites I forgot to cloak at one stage and was blapped by towers. I managed to get out with half structure left.

Eventually I made it back to one of the two holes I’d popped out in earlier and made my way back home, hoping no more holes had closed on me.

I do have a scanning alt in my home system in case holes close up. Fortunately that wasn’t needed today.

Gas Activation

On my adventures today I noticed how many systems had a load of gas sites. And when I got to J002964 there were tens of them.

I make my living off huffing gas. Well, small time PI and ore mining as well but gas is my biggest source of income.

If you live in a system and don’t huff gas, you don’t deserve to have gas sites. That’s my new stance in life. If you live in a system and do huff gas, what I’m doing now doesn’t affect you.

Gas sites don’t spawn until one somewhere else despawns. So if your system (looking at you residents of J002964) has tens upon tens of gas sites. Those are sites that cannot spawn anywhere else.

Another mechanic is once you initiate warp to a site, a timer starts. I can’t remember the exact count but I know that after the fourth downtime from that very first initiated warp, the gas site will automatically despawn and a new one will spawn in another system.

So now while I’m out and about exploring and looking for a trade hub exit I scan down every single gas site I can find and warp to it. I don’t know if there is an official term for this, but here on J-Space I’m now calling it Gas Activation.

I’m sure the principal is the same for data and relic (and all other sites) but I’m sticking to the “I don’t care about those” philosophy.

Today I can confirm I activated 24 gas sites. It was way more than that because I didn’t count those in J002964.

Speaking of J002964, this is a C2 system yet there was a Vital Core Reservoir in it. I thought those only spawned in C5 and C6?


After my ordeal getting back home I didn’t do much else today, just kept an eye on signatures and tourists in my system.

So today’s takings is a loss of 860,200 isk from PI.

When I got home there was a roaming nullsec wormhole that showed up but I had no energy for that all.


Okay a quick update that doesn’t warrant a Day 6 – Part 2 post.

While lurking in my home system a C2 K162 popped up. It had a C2 static which had a highsec static. That static showed up 8 jumps from Jita with no invasions. I replaced the Venture and got myself a rolling battleship after selling 103,174,491.58 isk of stock.

My funds are severely depleted at the moment due to the battleship purchase but I am super excited now. Tomorrow I will play around with rolling holes. I won’t do it today, this post is already way too long.

See you tomorrow! (Or rather in a few days when tomorrow’s post goes live)

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