Day 5 – @#@# Sleepers!

What a relief to log on this morning and find all the holes from yesterday are closed (thank you to whoever rolled the ones that technically should have only closed later today)!


Scanning everything down was quick and easy. No new signals other than my new static. I scanned it down but didn’t initiate warp to it. I’ll do that later. I may go looking for a trade hub connection and offload some stock.

Planetary Production

After my readjustments yesterday I expected high expenses today which was the case. My profits were only expected to increase tomorrow but I made a boo-boo with one of the P2 items (transferred stuff to the wrong launchpad so no items were made) so my true profits will only come in on day 7. That’s no problem though. I’m not losing out on anything, just postponing it.

So, the expenses today were 7,178,000 isk. I think yesterday was around the 5 million mark so that’s a big increase.

Excess P1824,000 isk
Excess P20 isk (launchpad oopsie)
P313,800,000 isk
Costs-7,178,000 isk
Total7,446,000 isk
Day 5 Planetary Production

That’s much lower income. I’m considering none of the P2 items that were made as excess. So this means tomorrow, once I’ve recovered from my mistake, my excess P2 will be two days worth and therefore a lot higher than usual.

Ore Mining

My ore site didn’t despawn yesterday which means it’ll no longer be there after downtime today. I need to maximise my extraction from this site. The first mining op brought me 6,660,000 isk worth of ore. I haven’t been on since before downtime yesterday so expected rats and warped out after 18 minutes on site. The scout is still there and after 40 minutes there are no rats.


Anyway, I gotta maximise so I will spend the next while mining ‘roids before opening up my static and going exploring.

Okay I’d forgotten how boring mining is. Especially in a wormhole where you need to stay glued to your directional scanner. So, maximising my mining became second priority to opening up my static and looking for gas sites. I did get another 9,530,000 isk of ore before the boredom became too much though.

As expected, the site despawned after downtime.


My exploration run was a lot more interesting that the mining op for sure!

My notes are a little haphazard so I’ll try and keep this organised as much as I can.

I found a C5 with an untouched core gas site, woohoo! Two C6s with many many gas sites, but none of them cores. I really could make a fortune if I did proper ninja gas huffing. Maybe I’ll consider that when all my site are gone.

There were a bunch of C2s as well. I can’t remember how many. Three of them had highsec connections too. One was 7 jumps from Rens, another was 10 jumps from Rens (weird that they were in a similar area) but there were two invasions on each route and I couldn’t check the third because the residents were actively camping that hole with battleships.

One of the C2s had a data site which got me 3,690,000 isk in loot and salvage. I really don’t like that hacking stuff. I doubt I’m going to put much effort into it moving forward.

When I got home I had a K162 that had popped up which lead to a C2 where, again, the residents were very active. I’ll check on that again later because it also has a highsec connection.

I don’t actually know why I’m checking all these highsec connections. Financially I’m fine for a while still and if I take everything to sell now it will only fill half my ship. But, let’s keep looking anyway. If I can sell stuff today, I might just have enough for my hole rolling battleship.

I did check the HS connection from the K162 and it popped out three jumps from Dodixie. That is a very tempting connection except, there are various T3 ships all over the place in the C2 on D-Scan. I will wait until after downtime, huff the Fullerite-C540 (see Gas Huffing below) and then see if that system is any quieter.

After downtime the C2 K162 still had a very active Proteus in it so a trip to the trade hub is out.

Gas Huffing

So a lucky find during my exploration was the core gas site in a nearby C5. Because of how I do my huffing in neighbouring systems I never go more than two systems away for this, hence the remark of lucky.

I quickly paused my exploration efforts and brought the ventures in to huff myself 20,300,000 isk of Fullerite-C320. I will return after downtime if the system is quiet (and the C2 K162 doesn’t become a problem) and snap up as much Fullerite-C540 as I can.

After downtime I went out and tackled the Fullerite-C540. I had well over 22,000,000 isk worth of the stuff. Before my timer went off I started warping out the one ‘toon (I dual box gas huffing) when the Sleepers spawned early and relieved me of my second Venture, the T2 one. Sigh. It was also the Venture that had the most gas in it. As soon as I saw the spawn contained frigates I knew I was in trouble.

The first Venture did get away with 8,280,000 isk of gas though so not a total loss.


Planetary Production7,446,000 isk
Ore Mining16,190,000 isk
Huffing20,300,000 isk
Exploration3,690,000 isk
Venture Loss-16,600,000 isk
Total31,026,000 isk
Day 5 Profit

Parting Thoughts

I honestly expected to lose my scout today, or maybe even my ‘cane when doing something reckless. But I certainly did not expect to lose a Venture after having been so careful until now. This is not the first time I’ve suspected an early spawn so maybe I’m totally wrong about the 20 minutes spawn timer.

Anyway this is good, it prevents overconfidence. And this is the reason most of my ships are the cheap ones. On a good day the PI alone will replace the Venture.

It’s just an inconvenience now because my backup one has only the Tech I huffers which has half the extraction rate.

So, I’ve done some research and when I can I am going to get myself a Megathron to roll holes with and I’ve started training my main to fly HICs. I’m surprised that’s not possible already because that ‘toon can fly most ships. That’s two weeks of training that I can use to build up enough isk to buy one.

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