Day 4 – Lockdown

Usually I start writing my posts after my first play session for the day, which is usually the long one and then top up the post as I get on later in the day.

Today, unfortunately, while that is still the case, the first play session was a short one. I have a new K162 in system with a pesky Astero that keeps showing up and interrupting my mining op. By interrupting I mean, its mere presence in my system means everyone, except my scout, goes home.

So I figured I’d start the post until he finds somewhere else to go. This does mean my system is now insecure because it will no doubt have scanned out my static. I can’t be sure of that so I work on the assumption that’s exactly what happened.


As already mentioned above, I have a K162 which leads to Dangerous Unknown Space. I was saving it for after my dailies to go exploring so I don’t actually know where it leads at the moment. I will check later and have a look.

I am one ore site down now as it despawned after downtime yesterday. But that’s fine because I’m now a super-duper Sleeper killer! So I will get more benefit from each site. Having said that my last ore site is due to despawn after downtime either today or tomorrow and there are no new gas sites yet.

I will huff gas from neighbouring systems but not ore. That’s far too risky because the sites can be warped to without scanning.

Planetary Production

I had my extractors set on a week long program and it is nearing the end of that week so the turnover is quite low. I reset everything and have now got everything on two day programs.

As a result, income was lower today and will no doubt be even lower tomorrow. But, hopefully, in two days we’ll be right up there again.

For those that don’t do PI, your extraction rate decreases as the program continues.

Nonetheless I am still meeting, and exceeding, my target of a citadel’s fuel equivalent per day. I am working on fuel estimates for a basic Citadel with one module active. At today’s prices of fuel, that is a little over 4,000,000 isk per day.

Excess P195,500 isk
Excess P24,140,000 isk
P317,400,000 isk
Costs-5,595,600 isk
Profit16,049,900 isk
Day 4 Planetary Production Earnings

Ore Mining

I didn’t get very far with this. I was a few minutes in when I discovered the Astero sniffing around so called it off after making 1,660,000 isk. I will continue later after some real world responsibilities and as the rats are no longer an issue, I expect to clear up the last two ‘roids that have my chosen ores.

Once back in game later in the day I headed back to the ore belt and obtained another 9,520,000 isk in ore before more Asteros started showing up again. No more mining today, it’s just too dangerous so time to do some exploring.


I popped into the K162 that seemed to be source of all my visitors so far this morning. It was a C5. Unfortunately no Fullerite-C320 or even Fullerite-C540 but it did have some nice gas. I bookmarked a few clouds to potentially return to later, but given all the tourist traffic today that’s not likely to happen.

I also popped into a C6, but again, nothing worth returning for.

There was a C2 with HS static that caught my interest. It popped up 6 jumps from a trade hub which is nice, except the for the Trig invasion along the route. So no, time to head back.

I popped into a C1 which I don’t see many of. Two anomalies and two signatures. The wormhole I just came in through and another highsec connection. I had a small look around but this system was very active. As I entered it there was an Astero and Pacifier at the hole and a Hecate somewhere in system. I don’t explore in a combat ship so as soon as the hole was vacant I left. The pacifier just happened to get there at the same time so I darted, as quick as I could through the chain and back home again in the hope they didn’t find which way I had gone.

The C2 I visited had a relic site in it, but again, with all the traffic I’d seen today I gave it a pass.


Planetary Production16,049,900 isk
Ore Mining11,180,000 isk
Gas Huffing0 isk
Exploration0 isk
Ratting0 isk
Total27,229,900 isk
Day 4 Profits

Parting Thoughts

In my first post I mentioned that living alone in a WH can be boring. Today was a good example of that. I had unusually high traffic in and around my system and many connections around the place. So today was just not meant to be.

Rather be safe than sorry. I do need to get myself a ship more suitable to PvP and bring it into the system. But for now I am saving up for the hole rolling battleship so PvP ships must wait.

Today had the lowest income since I was living out of a blockade runner and yet I’m still quite happy with my 27,229,900 isk considering it was minimal effort to get that.

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