Day 3 – A First Time For Everything

I expected today to be a slow, low-income, kind of day but the morning started quite nicely if I’m honest.


There was nothing special to note during the morning scan. I have a new static so I will go and explore that a little later. It will be a big bonus if I get another C5 connection today with more good gas sites, but I won’t be greedy.


Because I was on after downtime yesterday the rats are still around in my gas site so I didn’t even bother. To make matters worse I only have a few units of Fullerite-C84 to huff so it’s not even worth the warp over there. But I need the site to despawn so will wait until after downtime to take care of that.

Planetary Production

I was surprised today, I expected a lower return than yesterday but that was not the case at all.

As promised yesterday, my costs for all the transferring from POCOs was 6,863,600 isk. At some stage I will look into POCO bashing because 20% tax is harsh. I would consider hiring someone, but then there is the risk of being evicted. So, nah.

Right, I had some excess P1 and P2 items as well as more P3 items than I expected which is great.

Excess P1161,000
Excess P26,750,000
Total18,147,400 isk
Planetary Production Income

When I set up my PI in this wormhole, the goal was to make enough isk per day to fuel a small citadel for one day. If my returns keep up like this I will be very happy.

Ore Mining

Today I took out the exhumer I bought yesterday and at first wasn’t particularly impressed. At the end of my mining session though I was happy enough. I’m not sure if the extra yield is worth sitting there in a 200+ million isk ship though. I have some tanky stuff on it, but if I get jumped, I will lose the ship. So meh, the jury is out.

11,400,000 isk from the session before down time.


Next it was time to explore my static and see where the chain took me.

It didn’t take very long and I found a C2 with a HS static that popped out two jumps from a trade hub. Make hay while the sun shines and sell some stock. More on that later.

While looking around the C2 I saw they had a relic site and while there, a data site popped up too. I’ve never done either of these but heard there are no nasties (except other players potentially) in the sites so I popped out to the trade hub and picked up two analysers. I don’t have the skills for Tech II so the Tech I would have to do, especially for a first attempt.

Well, I still don’t really know what I was doing but I got 8,580,000 isk in loot and salvage for my efforts. I need to do some research on this because I’ve heard fables of great riches in these sites.

In my home system, hidden away, I have a hurricane fit that is allegedly capable of soloing sites in C3s. I have no idea if that is true but as I have access to a C2 I might give it a try. Especially with a connection so close to a trade hub in case I’m very wrong.

While looking around I had a few K162s pop up in my home system. I checked them out, the C3 had all anoms despawned so there were only three wormholes and none went anywhere interesting.

The second K162 was to a C4 so I popped in and had a look. Someone was ratting in the many, many gas sites there because everything was filled with wrecks. This got me thinking…


Okay, I did some research! The gas site in my system, you know the one I didn’t touch because the rats were still there? Well my research showed my fitting should be able to tank them with no issue at all.

I took a deep breath, jumped in the ‘cane and warped on over. Man oh man those Sleepers move fast! I got one popped but then they swarmed me in really close (frigates). Okay, warped out, research, trip to the trade hub, new auto cannons, warp back, fit, warp to location.

They didn’t stand a chance. Pop, pop, pop-pop, pop. Done. I’ve been terrified of these little buggers for nothing. Further research shows my ‘cane, with its various weapons, should be able to handle most rats in the gas and ore sites in most wormholes. I had no idea! Core gas sites are obviously an exception.

My days of ninja mining and huffing are now over! And I’ll get some extra income too. So I get 161,000 isk from the last tiny little bit of Fullerite-C84 there and an additional 3,300,000 isk from rat loot and salvage ( I picked up a salvager as well at the trade hub).

I then moved over to my ore deposit and liberated it of its Sleeper squatters, their 3,150,000 isk in loot and salvage, and another 9,630,000 isk in ore.


Two really good trade connections in as many days. I’m super happy about that and am making the most of it.

Offloading some stock brought me 70,616,587 isk which will do very nicely. Most items get sold to buy orders but the Fullerite-C84 had crappy prices so I put it up on a sell order halfway between the BO and SO prices and it sold before the day was over.

When I offload stock like this I don’t include it in the daily financials because I usually offload stock from multiple days and that will just complicate everything. So I prefer my financials to reflect the estimated earnings for that day.


Gas Huffing161,000 isk
Planetary Production18,147,400 isk
Exploration8,580,000 isk
Ore Mining21,030,000 isk
Ratting6,450,000 isk
Total54,368,400 isk
Day 3 Profits

Parting Thoughts

I’ve been playing Eve Online, off and on, for many years. I’ve always loved the idea of living in a wormhole. This is not my first attempt, but already it is my most successful and J-Space is so much more enjoyable than K-Space.

Today I got to overcome my fear of Sleepers and try hacking for the first time. I didn’t enjoy it at all (the hacking), but will keep at it when the opportunity presents itself.

Today’s biggest lesson was don’t be scared. Try new things and you may very well be rewarded. In my case I have been because now my ore and gas turnover will increase significantly.

I have a ship that I can use to roll holes if I want to but it is way overpriced for that. So my near-term goal is to save up and fit a battleship that I can use. Then rolling my holes will be the next new thing I try.

After that, I’ll look into production and research. But I need to research what to produce and research. I’m in no hurry though. With my current daily earnings I will have no problem fueling a citadel with the required modules.

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