Day 2 – A Bit More To Write About

Step 1 – Scan

Today started as every other day does, scan down the system. This is always the very first thing I do as I need to tidy up bookmarks and see what popped up while I was away. I also check to see if there were any kills which would imply activity in my system.

I had three connections:

  • C2 – Good, maybe it has a high sec connection for a supply run
  • C5 – Maybe I can get some more Fullerite-C320
  • C4 – I didn’t even go into this as it was nearing EOL and was gone an hour or two later.
  • No new sites or anomalies, but I need to get to work on the new gas site that spawned yesterday.

Step 2 – PI

Then it’s time for Planetary Production. I have three toons doing limited PI so I’m producing a P3 item which sells for nice isk. This takes a bit of time because of the ship I use with the one toon, but his returns are good so I allow it.

Today netted 177 P3 items for sale and no excess P1 or P2.

Step 3 – Huff Huff

With the dailies taken care of it was time to bookmark the two clouds in the Sizeable Perimeter Reservoir and get huffing. It didn’t take long to finish up the cloud of Fullerite-C50 and I was also almost able to finish the Fullerite-C84. Neither of these are good gas, but income is income.

Later in the day I went exploring a chain of C5 and C6 wormholes in the hope of finding some more Core gas sites. I found one in a C5 but all the Fullerite-C320 had already been huffed. I managed to get a good amount of Fullerite-C540 though which is excellent. I was so surprised by the number of sites in all the C6s, yet none of them were huffable.

What was weird was even immediately after downtime, the Sleeper rats didn’t spawn after nearly 40 minutes on site. So I managed to collect a lot of gas! 858 units of Fullerite-C540 estimating roughly 51,400,000 isk.

Step 4 – Ore

Off to the ore sites I went, I have two currently, and always mine the rarer ore types. I got a comfortable 2,068 units of today’s chosen ore which was nice. Again I’m sure the Sleepers spawned early today. I set a mining timer and they spawned a full two minutes before they should have.

Step 5 – Shopping

The C2 connection has a lowsec static which interested me not at all! But it also had another C2 static which I popped into and was quite happy to see it had a highsec connection. Not only that, the connection popped up four jumps from Jita!

Excellent, time to do a sales and supply run. Until now I have been using a mining barge to get my ore and have been curious how much benefit I would get from an exhumer. It’s a stupid idea to sit in an ore belt in a 200mil isk ship in J-Space, but meh.

I sold some PI, Ore and Gas and made some very good isk thanks to the Fullerite-C320 from yesterday.

Then I bought and fitted an exhumer and took it back home.


It only occurred to me after doing my PI to record the expenses. The POCOs I have in system have none-too-gentle tax rates and many are unusable due to 100% tax, but those I do use add an expense. So from tomorrow I will record the PI expenses as well.

Ores7,860,000 isk
Gas66,080,000 isk
Planetary Production13,800,000 isk
Day 2 Income

So, today I brought in 79,958,000 isk which I am quite happy with. I got lucky with the Fullerite-C540 and did some huffing after downtime, so I expect to earn less during my play tomorrow.

Before anyone starts talking about there being other ways, and play styles, to make more isk let me state bluntly that I know, and I don’t care. This is my game time and I’m playing the way I enjoy. So neener neener!

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