What Is J-Space?

J-Space is a small, informal blog I have set up as a diary to document my life in a wormhole in the MMOG Eve Online.

In many chat channels, forums and guides I see people being discouraged from living solo in a wormhole because “it’s too dangerous”, “it’s not worth it”, “you’ll be evicted within a week”, and a long list of other excuses. This blog is to prove that is not the case at all.

My play style is much more suited to solo game play, which is weird for a massively multiplayer game, but I am not alone in this and wormholes are the perfect place for me because of the variety it offers.

So, this diary is for me to share my adventures and show other players out there that, if this style of play suits you, it can indeed be done.

There are a few things I need to get out of the way regarding my diary entries here before we get started:

  • Eve is a brutal and unforgiving game. Because of that, I am going to omit as much information as possible that reveals my location, assets and character identities. I fully expect someone to evict me from my hole sometime, but I’d rather it’s not because of intel they get from my diary.
  • I am using two Omega accounts with four characters in total. My skill points across toons range from 300k to 66mil+. So this is neither a guide, nor a tutorial, for newer players. I specify this because this lends to the definition of being solo in a wormhole. I am doing it alone (without a corp of other players) but my four characters all support each other.
  • I am starting this blog a little after I have found the right hole and settled in. It didn’t occur to me to write this when I was still ninja huffing gas with a blockade runner on standby and nothing more.

Right, with that out of the way it is also important for me to say that living alone in J-Space is dangerous and can be very boring at times. I haven’t yet started rolling my holes so the risk is very high. I cannot take on the Sleeper rats that spawn in my hole so everything I do is ninja harvesting (get as much as I can in the 20min before the Sleepers spawn at each site before warping off) which can only happen once a day.

My main activities include PI, ninja ore mining and ninja gas huffing. I stockpile everything until I get a good connection near a trade hub and sell as much as I can transport.

I will try to post each day as much as possible and include my connections and activities for that day as well as some financials. Because of this, each post will relate to a day in the not-so-immediate past, again so as to avoid leaking info to anyone.

That’s all for now I think, so let’s heading into J-Space.

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